Monday, November 30, 2009

December sings for IRIS again. . .

About a month ago, we reported about December taking part in IRIS soundtrack (OST) with their song Love Is So.... A week later, December released the MV for Love Is So..., which contained scenes from IRIS. Although December faced some controversy with their performance, their songhas been popular amongst netizens, especially IRIS viewers, ever since its release.

Well, guess what? December will take part yet again for IRIS! They finished recording their new song, Can't You Come Back and fans are highly anticipating it. Two versions will be released - an original version and a guitar version.

A related source that monitored December's recording stated:
The sad melody along with December's harmonious voice fits the unfortunate love line between Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee [in the drama]. It also reveals Kim Tae Hee's current state so well, that there has been questions if it was a love theme song for her.

Regarding this, a representative of December's agency, CS Happy Entertainment, stated:
It hasn't been decided yet [whether it is Kim Tae Hee's love theme], but it is being discussed with the publishers.

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