Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Bye Solo Characters

Chun Jung-myung

A high school classmate of Mi-ri’s, Min-ho works as a waiter at the cafe “Sky.” This outgoing, mischievous and talkative guy looks shallow on the outside, but deep inside he has a heart of gold. Three years ago he left his home and family – his father, who owns a construction business, his successful older brother, and his beautiful mother. 
Yoon So-yi

Soo-hee thinks of herself as cold-hearted and selfish, but in reality she is enthusiastic about everything she does, though a bit dull in love. She has no control of her strong feelings for Min-ho.

Kim Min-hee

Cheerful, outgoing and passionate, Mi-ri is Min-ho’s first love. She owns the cafe “Sky” and sometimes models for Soo-hee’s works. 
Lee Han

A boyfriend of Soo-hee’s, Ji-ahn is smart and savvy. He lives with Min-ho and has earned trust from Min-ho’s father’s firm. He thinks that betrayal is not a problem as long as he can alleviate the financial woes of his mute parents and younger brother. 

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