Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Bye Solo

“Anyone not in love is guilty"
People has desire to succeed and to be attractive. These come out from the disbelief in themselves. They are unable to love themselves just the way they are. People who say they lost interest in life, often has experience of disappointment that they got with people. Those who experienced this, neglect in loving their own selves. Nevertheless, every human being is precious just the way he is.

Min-ho works at ‘Café Mission’ with his first love, Mi-ri. He believes that love cannot hurt him. As he learns to love Su-hee, he realizes how much he was deeply injured in his heart. He promises himself that he would keep his love for Su-hee, the girlfriend of his good friend, but he is willing to throw everything away and love her openly. 
In the meanwhile, Mi-ri falls in Love with a gangster, Ho-cheol, whom she came across at a bar. Although others regard him as frightful gangster, she sees him loveable, dependable, and feels sorry for him. Mi-ri does not argue with Ho-cheol, who tells her he does not care about her. Here is a story about people living in their own ways unhindered by this world’s superficiality.

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