Thursday, July 16, 2009

MC Mong Comeback

MC Mong is making a Comeback!

Finally after one year and three months, MC Mong will be making his comeback some time this month!

A representative from M.A Wilddog Entertainment revealed, "This July 23rd, MC Mong's 5th album will be released," and that, "It will be released simultaneously with his stage comeback." In addition, "Filming for the album's music video will begin on the 7th of July, today."

MC Mong, who started his solo career in 2004, has had hits from each of his past albums such as "180 Degrees" from his 1st album, "Invincible" from his 2nd album, "Ice Cream" from 3rd, and the most recent, "Circus" from his 4th. Now we will see if any song(s) from his upcoming 5th album will contain a big hit as well.

Every album he has released so far has reached the top of online music charts, proving that he is indeed a power musician.

The music industry as well as online music CP companies have been showing great interest in MC Mong's comeback, as they have often checked and confirmed his comeback date. MC Mong's company has elaborately spoken about his upcoming album and has asked that people look forward to it.
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MC Mong at Dj DOC Pool Party

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MC Mong is an “Indian Boy”
jeshicaa in K-Pop | 12 Jul 2009 - 09:27 PM

MC Mong will soon be making his comeback with his 5th album and the title song called "Indian Boy".

"Indian Boy" is written and composed by MC Mong, and its fun beat and brass would clearly represent MC Mong's music style. The song's theme is, "I am the Indian that can confront all difficulties for love (hinting at Joo Ah Min?)."

Sappy Indian boy? More like a monkey in an Indian costume.

MC Mong and his company struggled to pick their title song and only managed to narrow their choices down to 5 songs. After days of discussions, they finally decided on the song "Indian Boy". With this song, he will attempt to surpass the immense popularity of his song, "Circus" with fun and spectacular performances only MC Mong could pull off.

He also released a few photos from the scenes his music video.

Song and album drops on 23rd July
.More Pics at Dj DOC Pool Party

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