Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Upcoming Drama Lady's Castle

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Episodes : TBA
Broadcast Company : KBS 2TV
Airing Date & time: August 19, 2009 | Wed-Thu | 21:55 (replacing Partner)
PD : Ji Youngsu
(Oh Pilseung Bong Sunyoung, Flowers for my Life, Hello God)
Scriptwriters :
-Yun Eunhyung(Summer Scent, Wolf’s Temptation, Love So Divine)
-Kim Eunhee (Winter Sonata, Sweet 16, When It's at Night, Snow Queen)
Production Company : Yigim (Lee Kim) Production (이김프로덕션)
(What Happened in Bali, Money Warfare, Smile Again)
Official Website: not yet available

Storyline/Synopsis :
Yoon Eun Hye will play a role of a 25-yr old heiress chaebol, Noh Yura. She doesn’t care about others, strong-headed, selfish like the world revolves around her and nothing else matters. Her trademark words are “Shut up” (“닥쳐”) and “Get lost” (“꺼져”). Just like the perfect princess-syndrome storyline, this super wealthy and beautiful heiress Noh Yura has everything she could’ve wanted in the world but one. Love. Yet later on, her life will then be disrupted after Tae Gun, a poor man, disguises himself as a housekeeper with an eye on her family fortune, and as she falls in love with this ordinary man. *credits to ay_link@jazzholic.com

Cast and Character Description
Yoon Eunhye (윤은혜) : Noh Yura- the 2nd daughter of a family of 3 girls. She is a cavalier princess who lives in a palace like mansion, and possesses an attitude of self-conceited arrogance. A spoilt and immature chaebol heiress, and can be seen as the Korean version of Paris Hilton. (Age: mid 20's)
Yoon Sanghyun (윤상현) : Tae Gun -an ex-male gold-digger who is poor and broke. He is a bad guy who pretends to be a butler/house keeper in order to get his hands on the Noh family's fortune. (Age: late 20's)
Jung Il Woo 정일우 : Second lead male - a wealthy heir and an elite lawyer. Yura's fiance. Most likely to be involved in a love triangle. (Age: Early 30's)
TBA : Eldest daughter- (Age: around 30)
TBA : Youngest daughter - (Age: early 20s)
Wang Suk Hyun ( 왕석현 ) : Yura's little cousin - the late child of Yura's relatives, who is constantly eying her spot as the next heir to the family fortune.
*credits to smr05 and dckbs

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[1][2] *credits to Yodya
[1][2] *credits to YoonEunHye.cn
Credits Soompiforums


heachan said...

A little correction..
yeun Hye plays Kang Hae Na
Sang Hyun Plays Seo Dong Chan
Jung woo Plays as Lee Tae Yoon
Wang Suk Hyun is the woman Hae Na always fights with right?: she plays as kang Sun Ah...

I hope this helps...

pratikshya said...

Thank You for the correction and i am sorry for the mistake.