Thursday, July 16, 2009

MC Mong The Hip Hop Man

MC Mong is a South Korean hip hop artist who is known for his comic disposition and his upbeat songs. He currently is a member of KBS's 1 Night, 2 Days, a part of the network's Happy Sunday line-up. Go HERE for 1 Night 2 Days thread


MC Mong first debuted as a member of People Crew, which debuted in 1998. Because he was overshadowed by other members in his group (as he was considered not as good-looking) he was not noticed until 2003, when he acted in MBC's Non-Stop 4. His albums are known mostly for their comedic styles (aided by humorous music videos), although his most recent album has taken on a slightly more serious tone. His nickname is "monkey", due to his resemblance to the animal; most Korean variety shows reference this. On a fall of 2006 episode of SBS's Ya Shim Man Man, he and his good friend Haha talked about their struggles when they were first trying to break into the industry. His parents had fought with him, telling him that he should not try to become a celebrity.

MC Mong's style falls into both the k-pop and Hip-hop genre. On top of his own rapping, MC Mong's songs frequently feature guest vocalists. For his third album, MC Mong flew to Tokyo, Japan to record a duet with Lisa, a former member of m-flo. MC Mong wanted a female vocalist to continue the sequel from his first album's "A Letter To You" which featured Lyn. Other vocalists featured in his album are Park Hyo Shin, Ivy, and MayBee.

In 2006, he proved his talents as a solo artist with his latest album The Way I Am. This album topped the charts on November 19, 2006, beating out "big names" like Rain and Se7en.
In 2007, he started an online shopping mall, and became a DJ on SBS Power FM, hosting "MC몽의 동고동락". He made collaboration with Kim Tae Woo, making the single "So Fresh". At the end of 2007, MC Mong joined KBS's 1 Night, 2 Days, a part of the network's Happy Sunday line-up, as the replacement for Kim Jong Min.

In April of 2008, he released his 4th studio album, entitled Circus: Show's Just Begun. The first single and accompanying music video to the album is Circus.


Vol. 1 – 180* (April 2004)
Vol. 2 – His Story (May 2005)
Vol. 3 – The Way I Am (September 2006)
Vol. 4 – Show’s Just Begun (April 2008)


2003-2004 – Nonstop 4 (MBC)
2005 – Sad Love Song (MBC)
2006 – Banjun Dramas (SBS)
2007 – The Great Catsby (tvn)

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