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Likable or Not Links

Likeable or Not 미우나 고우나 Clubbox Links

Likeable or Not 미우나 고우나 @ Streaming Sites subbed) -
Veoh(english subbed) -
(there are a lot of MiGo playlists by different users on Tudou, you could also do a search with these characters 爱也好恨也好)

Likeable or Not 미우나 고우나 English Hardsubbed Direct Download
~ Original source: xraymind@Veoh,uploaded on MU by bm05om
~ All the episodes are LQ,and the formats are varied (.flv,.avi,.mp4)
~ The files are uploaded only until episode 70,for further episodes please check out the various online streaming options listed previously.

EP01 EP02 EP03 EP04 EP05 EP06 EP07 EP08 EP09 EP10 EP11 EP12 EP13 EP14 EP15
EP31 EP32 EP33 EP34 EP35 EP36/37 (joined by KBSWorld) EP38 EP39 EP40 EP41 EP42/43 EP44/45

Likeable or Not 미우나 고우나 Chinese Hardsubbed Direct Download

Likeable or Not 미우나 고우나 OST

zipped(wma ~ 22mb): MU / MF

~ Tracklist/Translation by dramaok ~
uploaded by bm05om

love you - aquibird
look at me and smile - various
i'll wait - various 
bye, bye - chiyeol
beach where two of us laughed - various
it will soon be forgotten - various
is it believable? - kim seong-eun
love is nearing - various
i smile when i see you - various
maverick (feat. supasize) - kim ji seok
withholding the tears - various...
some day far away- various...

Alternative links/extra songs:
~ BH's song at the karaoke: 전람회/김동렬 - 취중진담(醉中眞談)/Truth in Drunk Confession) ~
MU / SS / MF / Romanized Lyrics

~ DP's song at the karaoke: 쿨 - 송인 (Cool - Song In) ~

~ Opening Theme: Love You - Aquibird ~

Ahn nyeong Ahn nyeong (bye bye) - Chi Yeol ~

Is it believable? - Kim Seong-Eun ~

Likeable or Not 미우나 고우나 NGs,MV,BTS,Various Clips

*As there are no subbing teams producing English subtitles for this daily drama, an alternate way for English-subbed audience to enjoy Likeable or Not would be through downloading the raw episodes,and then referring to summaries/translations as done by fellow Soompi-ers.Here are links for the compiled translations:

** Summary/Translation are done by dramaok,unless stated otherwise
** Compiled by bm05om

Likeable or Not 미우나 고우나 DanBaek Cuts English Hardsubbed 
** hardsubbed/uploaded by Khai,translations by dramaok & warrhero **

Link credits: drolfxil,dramaok,gerryg,bm05om
Compiled by bm05om

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