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Likable or Not (I Hate You But Its Fine)

Official Title:미우나 고우나 (KBS Daily Drama)
Official Site:
Also known as: Likeable or Not / I Hate You, But It's Fine
Genre: Romance/Comedy
PD : Lee DeokGeon 
Writers : Kim SaGyeong, Baek YeongSuk, Choe HyeonJa
Number of Episodes: 173
Broadcast Air Time: Mondays to Fridays 20:25 (Korea Time)
Broadcast Station: KBS1
Broadcast Period: Sept 03,2007 - May 02,2008
Casts: Han Ji Hye,Kim Ji Suk,Jo Dong Hyuk,Yoo In Young,Lee Young Eun,Lee Joong Moon,
Lee Sang Yoon,Kim Hye Ok,Kang In Duk, Kim Young Ok,Kim Hae Sook,Lee Jung Gil,
Lee Ja Young,Kim Chan Woo,Eva Popiel,Park Joon Mok, Kim Sung Hwan,Suh Seung Hyun 

*source: wikipedia/KBS World*

- The Story - 

A Quest for True Meaning of a Family
"Likeable or Not" searches into the true meaning of family as a stepson, BaekHo, truly becomes a member of the step-family after his mother remarries. A true family is not based on blood-relations or the same surnames but on love for and interest in each other.

Stories of Love, Success and Failure
Good-for-nothing BaekHo meets his formidable match DanPung and starts from the bottom, climbing up the ladder to success. In the world where money seems to be the power, BaekHo's quest for love contrasts to SeonJae's ambitious ascent and subsequent downfall.

Our Neighbors' Small Triumphs Will Give Hope
"Likable of Not" presents the life of an upright civil servant, a single father who raises his daughter with much affection and self-sacrifice. At the same time, it will look into struggles divorced couples would have to go through. Also, the drama will show a glimpse of what it would be like for a foreign woman to work in Korea with her "Korean Dream."

- Characters/Casts -

Kang BaekHo 
(Kim JiSeok)

BaekHo Looks Fine on the Outside but is Empty Inside
He is a good-looking lad but is jobless and ambitionless. On every weekend, he visits horse tracks. One of few good qualities he has is his forever optimistic view and friendliness toward anyone around him. He doesn't believe in hard work but rather in chance. One day, his mother marries a rich man. BaekHo dreams of a new high life,until he meets DanPung.

Na DanPung 
(Han JiHye)

DanPung the Wise Owl 
Growing up under the showdown of her brilliant brother, she has become a quick-witted, adaptable, and competitive woman. She has truly earned what she has. The only thing left on her "to do" list is finding a right guy. She is searching for Mr. Right but bumps into BaekHo, the last person she would even lay an eye on.

Na SeonJae 
(Jo DongHyeok )

SeonJae is the most eligible bachelor with befitting charisma and ability
He is not only good-looking but well-mannered. He has earned an MBA aboard and is working as a fund manager. He is reaping success after success with his through and through investment tactics. However, for success, he can turn his back on his long-loved one. He is sensitive to power of money and thus come head-to-head with his upright father who has worked as a civil servant all his life.

Bong SuA 
(Yu InYeong)

SuA the Spoiled Brat 
She lacks neither beauty nor money but is still greedy. She has to have the one she wants whether it is a person or a thing. Her obsession, at times, seems unbearable. She went to France to study art but returns home with an excuse to attend his father's second wedding. She may be the apple of an eye when she wants to be. So, her father and grandmother cannot deny her anything. However, she can be menacing to those she doesn't like, for instance, her stepmother and stepbrother.

Hwang JiYeong 
(Lee YeongEun)

JiYeong is the epitome of love and innocence 
She runs a small veterinary with her father. She has been dating SeonJae for long time. She is beautiful inside and out. She is considerate and yet strong. She shows her love through her sacrifice.

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