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An Rticle from Allure Magazine With An Interview Of lee minho

Allure magazine, May 2009 LMH article

#1 When they heard about meeting him 90% of my neighboring girls 
were curious of his real character, not his looks. "Check this out whether he has
prince complex like Gu Jun Pyo!" "I wanna know his real I.Q." "His walking style,
speaking tone, sitting posture, his eyes when he looks at his girl. Everything."
All these are due to his perfect action unbelievable as a new actor. In the drama
Lee Min Ho was Gu Jun Pyo himself. Suddenly I began to realize this drama
that made LMH's today can be shackles to actor LMH.
So I wanted to ask him of "letting Jun Pyo go" when I see LMH.

#2 LMH wore gorgeous pink jacket and white pants at the shooting place.
Instead the unique 'curly Gu Jun Pyo hairstyle' had disappeared, but changed new hairstyle
of slight volume, thinned out naturally as any other guy. "No more 'Gu Jun Pyo hair'".
Minho doesn't like GJP style." Said Sung Ji An, the chief-stylist in charge of LMH's hair and
make up. Then to my question of which style LMH prefers, he answered 'Everything
that's not GJP'. When I talked with chief SJA, passing by LMH greeted with his eyes, with
unique smile. Is it his tall height? His little bent walking style looked like my younger brother.
I didn't ask other questions because he was busy on his way to shoot next cut.

#3 The shooting started and LMH got an okay sign straight out without NG from the 
photographer with perfect understanding of Etude shooting concept. He was not distracted
in front of the camera but during his intermission LMH played with his stylist who handed
out his coats, muched snacks like a brat. I couldn't find GJP anymore on his face.
Seeing his cute look of eating snacks I approached to talk to him.

ALLURE You like snacks!

MINHO Haha!(laughing with embarrassment) I like eating snacks usually. I am used to
eating these on the shooting place because I don't have enough time to eat main food.

ALLURE Now I see your comfortable looks, I wonder whether you used to be GJP or not.

MINHO Junpyo has gone now! was a special drama for me, but I want to show
my peculiar aspects.

ALLURE Were you leaving the fabulous GJP really? How's your feeling about standing
high as the most stunning guy in Korea?

MINHO My feelings are as good as it gets. During the filming of I have never 
known my popularity because I couldn't have time to web-surf. Am I really awesome?
I am really burdened. I don't dress nice in my ordinary life. But I feel burden of
people's eyes on me. So I care for my outfit when I go outside my house.

ALLURE You are thinner than I thought now I see you face to face. After you must
have lost your weight. How do you manage your health?

MINHO I eat everything good for my health. My fans sent me nutrituous foods like
goat extract, balloon flower extract when they saw my weight loss.

ALLURE After the most drastic change is getting many love calls from
many brands like this? How's your feeling of being the Etude model? What's the
big change?

MINHO Um.. Is it the big change that I can shoot with another girl(Park Shin Hye),
not Jan Di, and not F4? Haha! Just joking. As I became a cosmetics brand model,
I care for my skin. My skin care step is seven including eye cream which I rarely used.

While we were talking, the surrouding place became noisy. The Etude model 
PSH appeared to shoot the next scene with LMH. As the shooting began, LMH got tense
look on his face while talking comfortably. He got quick makeup correction and stood
in front of the camera. This time it's not ad of product promotion but a pure love
confession concept. Thus LMH looked at PSH with deep affection as of his look at '
Geum Jan Di'. Among the people looking at the location site, especially among ladies
who are over 10 years older than him exclaimed sighs. "He is so cute in real." "His face
is small?" "Look at his neck line! Isn't it sexy?"

#4 It's a pity but I didn't have time to talk with LMH again. Days became gloomy
as shooting came to end. LMH didn't stand the cold, strong wind and hid in a warm place
of 'Petit France' pension during intermission.
As I said I have met him, my friends wondered how he looked like GJP in his real life.
These curiosity grew bigger due to the news after the Etude CF shooting. He would try
another unusual change in new CF. In a certain CF LMH was on the topic of homme 
fatal style with smokie eye makeup. Maybe this change is his intended action. Actually
he was out of GJP's image when I met him at the Etude CF I cheer for his
rather drastic change and endless effort to change as a fan who had met him. But I want
him not to erase the memories of what people loved in the beginning no matter what
he chooses. People have started to engrave the name LEE MIN HO in their heart

the end.

translated by minspell, dc gal

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