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Cast Of Iris

Lee Byung-hun

DOB: July 12, 1970
HEIGHT: 178cm
EDUCATION: Hanyang University (French Language & Literature), JoongAng University Graduate School (Theater/Cinematography)
MANAGEMENT: BH Entertainment Co. Ltd.

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G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) [Hollywood]
[Director: Stephen Sommers]
I Come With The Rain (2008) [US + French]
[Director: Tran Anh Hung; with Josh Harnett, Takuya Kimura, Shawn Yue]
The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008)
[Director: Kim Ji-woon; with Song Kang-ho, Jung Woo-sung]
Hero (2007) [Japan]
Once In A Summer (Geu-hae Yeo-reum) (2006)
[Director: Jo Keun-shik; with Soo-ae]
A Bittersweet Life (Dalcomhan Insaeng) (2005)
[Director: Kim Ji-Woon; with Kim Young-chul, Shin Min-a]
Everybody Has Secrets ( Nuguna Bimil-eun Itda ) (2004)
[Director: Jang Hyun-soo; with Choi Ji-woo, Choo Sang-mi, Kim Hyo-jin]
Three Extremes ( Seuri, Monseuteo ) (2004)
[Director: Park Chan-wook; with Kang Hye-jung, Im Won-hee]
Addiction (Jungdok) (2002)
[Director: Park Young-hoon; with Lee Mi-yeon, Lee Eol, Park Sun-young]
My Beautiful Girl, Ma-ri (2001)
[Director: Lee Sung-gang; with Ahn Sung-ki]
Bungee Jumping Of Their Own (Beonji jeompreul hada) (2001)
[Director: Kim Dae-seung; with Lee Eun-joo]
Joint Security Area (Gongdonggyeongbiguyeok) (2000)
[Director: Park Chan-wook; with Kim Myung-soo, Lee Young-ae, Song Kang-ho, Kim Tae-woo, Shin Ha-kyun]
The Harmonium In My Memory (Naema-eum-ui punggeum) (1999)
[Director: Lee Young-jae; with Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Mi-yeon]
Extra (Egseuteula(Extla)) (1998)
[Director: Shin Seung-soo; with Im Chang-jung]
Lament / Elegy Of Earth (Jisangmanga) (1997)
[Director: Kim Hee-chul; with Shin Hyun-joon]
Kill The Love (Geudeulman-ui sesang) (1996)
[Director: Im Jong-jae; with Chung Sun-kyung, Yoo Oh-sung]
Armageddon (Amagedon(Armageddon)) (1996)
[Director: Lee Hyun-sae; with Choi Bool-am, Yun So-ra]
Runaway (Leon(Run) eo-we-i(away)) (1995)
[Director: Kim Sung-soo; with Lee Geun-young, Kim Eun-jung]
Who Makes Me Crazy (Nuga naleul michige haneunga) (1995)
[Director: Koo Im-seo; with Choi Jin-sil]
Sunset Into The Neon Lights (Ne-onsog-eulo no-euljida) (1995) 
[Director: Lee Hyun-seung; with Moon Sung-keun, Chae Shi-ra, Yang Geum-suk]

[source: KMDb]


All In (2003, SBS)
[PD: Yoo Chul-yong; with Song Hye-kyo, Ji Sung, Park So-mi]
Beautiful Days (2001, SBS)
[PD: Lee Jang-soo; with Ryu Si-won, Choi Ji-woo]
Road (2001, SBS)
[with Park Jin-hee, Nam Il-woo]
Sally Is Back (1999, SBS)
[with Lee Jee-eun, Im Chang-jung]
Sunflower (1999, SBS)
[with Lee Seung-yun]
Happy Together (1999, SBS)
[PD: Lee Jong-rok; with Song Seung-hun, Kim Ha-neul, Jo Min-soo, Jeon Ji-hyun, Kang Sung-yun]
White Nights 3.98 (1998, SBS)
[PD: Kim Jong-hak; with Choi Min-soo, Shim Eun-ha]
I Want (1997, SBS; 70 min drama)
[PD: Lee Jang-soo; with Shim Eun-ha]
Beautiful My Lady (1997, SBS)
[PD: Lee Jang-soo; with Shim Eun-ha, Song Seung-hun]
Son Of Wind (1995; KBS)
[PD: Son Young-mock; with Kim Hee-sun, Shin Hyun-joon]
Men Of Asphalt: The Legend Of Car God (1995, SBS)
[PD: Lee Jang-soo; with Jung Woo-sung, Lee Young-ae]
The Fragrance Of Love (1994, KBS)
[PD: Koh Heung-sik; with Choi Jin-sil, Kim Young-ae, Lee Jung-kil, Jeon Do-yeon, Oh Dae-kyu]
Police (1993, KBS)
[with Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Ho-jin, Oh Hyun-Kyung]
The Sorrow Of The Survivor (1993, KBS)
[with Na Hyun-hee, Shin Yun-jung]
Tomorrow Love (KBS, 1992)
[PD: Yoon Suk-ho, Jun San; with Kim Hyun-ah, Park So-hyun, Kim Jung-kyun, Lee Jee-hyung]
Wild Chrysanthemum (1992, KBS)
[with Oh Hyun-kyung]
Morning Without Good-Byes (1992, KBS)
Flower That Never Wilt (1991, KBS)
[with Na Han-il, Kim Min-jung]
Day Of Sunrise (1992, KBS)
[with Im Chang-jung]
Asphalt My Hometown (1991, KBS)

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AWARDS (Partial listing)

1992: KBS Drama Awards - New Actor Award (Day Of Sunrise) clip
1993: KBS Drama Awards - Male Excellence Award (Tomorrow Love) clip
1995: 6th Chunsa Film Arts Festival - New Face Award (Who Makes Me Crazy)
1995: KBS Drama Awards - Male Excellence Award (Son Of Wind)
1996: 32nd PaekSang Arts Awards - Best TV Actor (Son Of Wind)
1996: 34th Grand Bell Film Awards - New Actor Award (Who Makes Me Crazy)
1996: 19th Golden Cinema Festival - New Actor Award (Runaway)
2000: 1st Pusan Film Critics' Awards - Best Actor (JSA) [won with Song Kang-ho]
2001: 24th Golden Cinema Festival - Most Popular Actor Award (JSA)
2001: 38th Grand Bell Film Festival - Popularity Award (JSA)
2001: 2nd Korea Visual Arts Festival - Photogenic Award 
2001: 22nd Blue Dragon Film Awards - Popularity Award (JSA)
2001: SBS Drama Awards - Top 10 Stars Award & i-Star Award (Beautiful Days)
2003: SBS Drama Awards - Grand Prize & Top 10 Stars Award (All In)
2003: 30th Korean Broadcasting Awards - Performer (All In)
2003: 39th PaekSang Arts Awards - Best TV Actor (All In)
2005: 25th Korea Choice Critics Awards - Best Actor (A Bittersweet Life)
2005: 13th Chunsa Film Arts Festival - Best Actor (A Bittersweet Life)
2006: 42nd PaekSang Arts Awards - Best Film Actor (A Bittersweet Life)
2006: Chevalier Of The Order Of Arts And Letters [by French Cultural Ministry]
2006: 14th Chunsa Film Arts Festival - Hallyu Cultural Award

[source: PLANET BH0712]

Kim Tae Hee

DOB: March 29, 1980
HEIGHT: 165cm
TALENT AGENCY: Namoo Actors /

TV Series 
SBS Let's Go (2002)
SBS Screen (2003)
SBS A Problem At My Younger Brother's House (2003)
SBS Stairway Of Heaven (2003)
KBS A Supplementary Story Of An Old Fox (2004)
SBS Love story In Harvard (2004)

The Present (2001) 
A short film, 'New Citizen' (2002) 
The Restless (2006)
Venus And Mars (2007)

2003 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Stairway Of Heaven)
2004 KBS Drama Awards: New Actress Award (A Supplementary Story Of An Old Fox)
2004 SBS Drama Awards: 10 Stars Award, Most Popular Actress Award (Love Story in Havard)
2005 BaekSang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Love Story In Havard)
2007 BaekSang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (The Restless)
2007 Grand Bell Film Awards: Oversea Most Popular Actress Award (The Restless)
ALL PROFILE COMPILATION by kdramafanusa (original post at page 33)

Jung Joon-Ho

Date of Birth : 01-OCT-1970
Field : Actor
Height: 183cm / Weight: 79kg
Related Links: Official fan club
Cine21 | Daum | KMDb

City of Damn Nation (2009) 
My Mother and Her Guest ( Sarang-bang Sunsoo-wa Eomeoni ) (2007) 
West 32nd ( west 32Beonga ) (2007) 
Righteous Ties (Georukhan Gyebo) (2006) 
My Boss, My Teacher ( Two-sa-boo-il-che ) (2005) 
The Twins ( Yeokjeon-ui Myoung-su ) (2005) 
Marrying the Mafia 2: Enemy-in-Law ( Gamun-eui Wi-gi ) (2005) 
Another Public Enemy (Gonggong ui jeok 2) (2004) 
A Wacky Switch ( Nadu-ya Ganda ) (2004) 
Lost in the South Mission: Going Home ( Donghaemul-gwa Baekdusan-i ) (2003) 
The Legend of the Evil Lake ( Cheonnyeonho ) (2003) 
Marrying the Mafia ( Gamun-ui Yeonggwang ) (2002) 
A Perfect Match ( Joeun-saram Isseu-myeon Sogae Sikyeojwo ) (2002) 
Unborn but Forgotten (Hayanbang) (2002) 
The Last Witness (2001) 
My Boss My Hero (2001) 
The Anarchist(Anakiseuteu(Anarchist) (2000) 
The Siren (Ssairen) (2000) 
1818(Profanity(Ilpal-ilpal)) (1997) 

TV Dramas
IRIS (2009)
Last Scandal 내 생애 마지막 스캔들 (2008)
Princess LuLu 루루공주 (2005)
Credits: compilation by kdramafanusa (original post at page 33)

Kim Seung-Woo

from Official Fanclub + KMDb


Birth Day: February 24. 1969 
Occupation: Actor 
Education: Gaebong elementry School - Keungseo midle school - Keungseo high school - Suwon University - Suwon graduate school 
Relations: Father and mother, younger brother (Kim Seoung Jun), wife (actress Kim Nam Joo), son, daughter
Habbit of sleeping: When he feels tired, he nibbles on sleeping. 
Hobby: GOLF (His father introduced him to the sport) 
Height/Weight: 180cm / 70kg 
IQ: 134 
Blood: A 
Special career: When he was a university student, he was a cheerleader in Suwan University and worked a MC on university festivals. 
Personality: He is a social person, so he likes mixing with people. Every one, who has met him, becomes his fan. Because he always smiles and makes people comfortable. 
Debut motive: After watching some movies by Steven Spielberg, he became fascinated by movies, and decided to be a movie director in the future. When he was a university student, he applied for an audition for selecting the actors of the movie 'The Son of the General',because he thought working as an actor would help him to be a good movie director. Although he had no training as an actor, he passed the audition. As a result, he played a supporting role 'Sangkal'in the movie. This movie is his first film. 
Alcoholic capacity: In the past, he drank just two glass of wine. It was enough.
But now...After he join with drinkers of his colleagues, he can drink one or two bottle of wine ! 
His car: Mercedes Benz S500 (for personal use) / Landrover (for business) 
Best friends Senior actor like a elder brother, Park Joong Hoon. Junior actors like a younger brother.. Bae yong jun, Jang Dong Gun
Favorite fashion brand: Donna Karan (After he dressed it in drama "Cinderella", he has liked the brand) 
Favorite Song: He likes to sing Korean pop. ( "Today I will" "My own sorrow" "Even though people cheat you" ) 
Favorite color: He likes the color blue, because blue color has two meanings, bright impression & sad impression. He thinks that blue has two faces. 
Fanletter address:
His management office : Wellmade STARM
Fanletter Address : Kim Seoung Woo
...........................33F,New Town B/D, 408, Apgujeong-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Wellmade STARM 
............................Seoul, Korea, Zip:135-899

His Life

The individual Kim Seung Woo
I'd like to hear people say that I'm an OK guy. I'd like to be thought of as a person with a good personality who works hard and is loyal

How others see me that... 
the person who laughs easily, easy-going, makes other people feel comfortable. that's all about it. I think people like me for these images. Maybe people see me as a person who's really nice to women. comfortable and smooth

When relationships go wrong. It's a person l liked most and thought liked me, but the relationship for the person go wrong. People could call it betrayal. Such things are unpleasant and stressful to me. They are hard to bear and unpleasant to me. 

My color 
My color I'd like to show everyone is the color blue. Depending on how you see it, blue can look bright and cheerful. And blue can look dark and sad, if you look at it from a different point of view. A color with two sides. That's blue. So I'd like to appear as the color blue to everyone.

The movie character that resembles me.
One of my movies was "Ghost Mam". The charcter in that movie, who is angry when he's mad, who laughs when he's happy, who cries when he's sad. That's me. Besides "Ghost Mam", the chracter I played in the drama, "The Memory" is also a lot like me. 


1990 - The Son Of The General (Janggun-ui adeul)
1991 - The Woman Who Will Not Divorce / The Woman Who Want Divorce (Ihonhaji anh-eun yeoja)
1993 - The 101st Proposition (Baeghan<101>beonjjae peulopojeu(propose))
1993 - The Son Of The General 3 (Janggun-ui adeul 3)
1995 - Run Away With The Money / Millions In My Account (Don-eul gajgo twi-eola)
1996 - Corset (Koleuses(Corset))
1996 - Do You Believe In Jazz (Neohuiga jaejeuleul(jazzleul) midneunya)
1997 - Ghost Mam / Ghost Mamma (Goseuteu(Ghost) mamma(mamma))
1997 - The Man Holding Flower / Man With Flowers (Kkoch-eul deun namja)
1997 - Deep Sorrow / Deep Blue (Gip-eun seulpeum)
1998 - The Fragrance Of A Man / Scent of a Man (Namja-ui hyanggi)
1999 - The Grand New Opening / The Opening (Sinjanggae-eob)
2000 - The Secret (Bimil)
2002 - Yesterday (Yeseuteodei)
2002 - Spark A Lighter / Break out (Raiteo-reul Kyeo-ra)
2003 - Turn Over My Life / Reversal Of Fortune (Yeokjeon-e Sanda)
2003 - Blow Spring Wind / Spring Breeze (Bureora Bombaram)
2005 - Heaven's Soldiers (Cheongun)
2006 - Woman On The Beach (Hae-byun-eui Yeo-in)
2006 - Between Love And Hate (Yeon-ae Geu Cham-ul-soo-eop-neun Ga-byeo-woom)
2007 - Good Night With Me / Curling Love (Japan) Official 
2009 - Belly Button

1995 - The Basics Of Romance 
1996 - Their Embrace
1996 - The Scent Of Apple Blossoms 
1997 - Cinderella 
1998 - Memories (The Way We Were)
2000 - Mr. Duke
2001 - Hotelier Official
2003 - Rosemary Official/
2006 - The Special Of My Life Official
2007 - The Perfect Neighbor Official
2009 - IRIS

1999 - Eternal Love 
2001 - Wish
2008 - Classic / One Day Diary / (3parts series MV) 

1996 - Security company S 1(secome "thieves" )
1997 - Somang Cosmetics ( the man grasping a flower)
1998 - Lotte (Delmonte premium tomato juice) / Dongyang(Beniguns family restaurant )
1999 - Mobile company LG telecome(LG 019 "a lullaby", "Papa") / OB beer (OB Lager "an unpopular singer")
. . . . .Life production company Aekyung (Sensable Shampoo)
2000 - Online shoppin mall Samsung (Samsung mall "couple") / Orion (chocolate cake 'haute')
2001 - Lotte - 'Chaurin' (Green tea)
2004 - LG telecome("Brothers")
2005 - Yonhap News
2007 - HanKuk Construction - Apartment "Adelium"

1999 - Club MONACO (international casual brand)/ SS FASHION (a business suit 'Rogatis')
2006 - Levis Japan 
Credits: compilation by kdramafanusa (original post at page 35) 

Kim So-Yeon

DOB: 1980-11-02 
Height / Weight: 167cm / 45kg
Related Links: Management Company | Fan Cafe | Cyworld | Daum | Cine21 | 

the pictures 더 픽쳐스 (2007)
Seven Swords 칠검 / 七劍下天山 (2005)
Change 체인지 (1996)

TV Series
IRIS 아이리스 (KBS, 2009)
Gourmet 식객 (SBS, 2008-06-17 ~ 2008-09-09) official
Autumn Shower 가을 소나기 (MBC, 2005-09-21 ~ 2005-11-10) official
Anhui Merchangts 대청휘상 / 大清徽商 (2005) official
Just Like a Beautiful Flying Butterfly 就像美麗蝴蝶飛 (CCTV, 2004-08-14 ~ )
New Human Market 2004 인간시장 (SBS, 2004-03-08 ~ 2004-05-11) official
Trio 삼총사 (MBC, 2002.11.06) official
Sunlight Upon Me 햇살이 나에게 (MBC, 2002-01-02 ~ 2002-02-21) official
Mothers And Sisters 엄마야 누나야 (MBC, 2000-11-04 ~ 2001-04-22) official
All About Eve 이브의 모든것 (MBC, 2000-04-26 ~ 2000-07-06) official
Sunpung Obstetrics And Gynecology 순풍 산부인과 (SBS, 1998)
Victory 승부사 (SBS, 1998.09.16)
I Love You, I Love You 사랑해 사랑해 (SBS, 1998-03-07 ~ 1998-08-02)
Yesterday 예스터데이 (MBC, 1997)
Seven Spoons 일곱 개의 숟가락 (MBC, 1996-12-09 ~ 1996-12-24)

[Information gathered by IRIS-thread@Soompi from Daum/Cine21/ManagementCompany]
[Images: As labeled]

T.O.P ( Choi Seung Hyun)

image credit: bbvipz || topmireene / leslie_lei

DOB: 1987-11-04
Height: 181cm

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IRIS (2009)
I Am Sam 아이엠 샘 (2007) Official
Music Core 쇼 음악중심 (2005)


kevin said...

IRIS is one of my favs as of right now! can't stop watching it. It's different from most that i've seen. It's very intense, and OMG Kim So Yeon is just soooo damn gorgeous in here

Thanks for the post^^

bixby'ezra said...

i've watch IRIS this last two days ago and i really like it.. its awesome and its great.. i like kim tae hee .. the way she act.. and it had some "kilig" factor... and lee byung-hun is so handsome, and i sometimes laugh too when he do some jokes.. haha..

bixby'ezra said...

and i also like some of the characters but i dont like the way the Iris end becos lee byung-hun died...

Anonymous said...

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