Friday, June 12, 2009

Stills from episodes of the Slingshot

Do Woo & Kyeong Ah

Kim Shin & Jae Myeong

The "Dream Team"

Kim Shin & Do Woo

Kim Shin & Eun Soo

Kim Shin & Kyeong Tae

Kyeong Tae & Eun Soo

Kim Shin & Moon Ho

Kim Shin & Joong Ho

Kim Shin & Detective Kim

Do Woo & Kei

Jae Myeong & Kei

Eun Soo & President Chae

Kyeong Ah

Jae Myeong

Eun Soo

Kyeong Tae


Stills of episode 08 to the 15:

Kim Shin

Do Woo

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