Friday, June 19, 2009

First Look Of " The Man Who cant Get Married"

The much-anticipated KBS2 drama series based on the Japanese program with the same title has finally begun on June 15. The first episode of “He Who Can’t Marry” featured the encounter between the protagonists Jo Jae-hui (Ji Jin-hui), Jang Mun-jeong (Uhm Jung-hwa), and Jeong Yu-jin (Kim So-eun).

Jae-hui lives next door to Yu-jin. Annoyed by the noise Yu-jin makes with her pet, Jae-hui, a cynical, blunt architect, turns up the volume to the maximum whenever listening to music to annoy her back. Having lost patience, Yu-jin goes to his home and finds him fainting from a stomachache. She calls 911 and accompanies him in an ambulance.

Jae-hui asks her to take him to the hospital where his brother-in-law, Park Gwang-nam (Lim Ho), is working. But with Gwang-nam already going home, Mun-jeong treats him.

Hearing Mun-jeong telling a nurse to prepare for an anal exam, Jae-hui attempts to leave the hospital although he can even hardly walk from pain, saying he’s fine. Mun-jeong stops him from leaving by saying that she will only give him a shot that prevents bleeding in the anus.

Jae-hui stays overnight at the hospital and checks out when he feels the pain is gone, despite Mun-jeong’s opposition. In the evening that day, a friend of Yu-jin rings his doorbell asks him for help because Yu-jin is not answering her door. He ties a rope around his body and goes to her home through the balcony.

He finds Yu-jin has fainted after drinking and takes her to Mun-jeong’s hospital. But he comes back home quietly after seeing her get treatment. Mun-jeong and Yu-jin happen to find out from Jae-hui’s patient chart that it is his birthday, and calls him to come for a birthday party.

Mun-jeong says, “We are just about to eat a cake I received. Come and join us,” not to make him feel he is imposing on her. But Jae-hui says bluntly, “No thanks. It’s a waste of time going there to get treated to some cake crumbs.” He doesn’t like Mun-jeong suggesting that it was not especially prepared for his birthday, since he hates jumping at an accidental opportunity more than anything else.

While talking to Mun-jeong on the phone, Jae-hui feels pain in his anus and collapses. Taken back to Mon-jeong’s hospital, he has had his pants taken off by her without even realizing it, and feels utterly humiliated. He says angrily, “How dare you,” but she replies indifferently, “Please stop acting this way. I’ve seen it all before. Being stubborn and taking things whichever way you want will only make you damage your health and hurt your heart.”

And when Mun-jeong asks him to relax, Jae-hui instead tries to conceal his private parts as best he can. Then she starts an anal exam and he shouts, displaying great pain on his face.

After the test, seeing that it has not yet passed midnight, Mun-jeong approaches Jae-hui and whispers, “Happy Birthday.” She is the first and last person to congratulate him on his 40th birthday.

The performance of Ji Jin-hui in the embarrassing scenes in the first episode has given viewers a big laugh. Now all eyes are on how Ji Jin-hui will continue to portray the character successfully since Hiroshi Abe, the Japanese actor who played the leading role in the Japanese series, received rave reviews for his performance.


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Channel KBS 2TV
Genre Drama
Director Kim Jung-kyu
Writer Yeo Ji-na
Cast Ji Jin-hui, Uhm Jung-hwa , Kim So-eun
Showtime Mon, Tues 9:55 p.m.

People who are married, who are set to marry, who want to marry, who have been married, who won't marry... and who can't marry...

When we fill out a document to gain membership to an online shopping mall, we always face this inquiry - are you single or married? Regardless of its relevance to our product purchase or club we are joining, the world wants to know our marital status.

We all go through that time period considered the best age to get married. Old bachelors and spinsters may face embarrassment for a while, but after many more years have passed in their lives, the so-called "golden Mr. and Ms." live free lives, both in finances and in spirit.
But no matter how carefree their lives may be and no matter how old they, they constantly face the choice of marriage, until they finally do get married.

People who are married, who are set to marry, who want to marry, who have been married, who won't marry... and who can't marry...

Of all the people above, no one would proudly say they belong to the last category.
But who knows.
No one can predict the future.

Here is one man who can't get married.
This handsome guy has his own construction business.
He has made a good number of recognized structures.
But he has no plans to tie the knot.
There should be a truckload of women pursuing him.
But in fact there is not one.
Is this because he's in his 40s?
Not so.
Because he's celibate?
He claims he chooses not to marry, but the fact is he is incapable of married life.
No! Innately...

This summer, he is approached by various people - someone like a breath of fresh air, or like a good old friend, or like a good buddy who we enjoys talking endlessly...

And he wants to complete love with marriage. But he can barely handle love. Will he be able to walk down the aisle?

We'll have to see...
How this man who can't marry gradually changes and how the women who falls in love with him change as well.
Will he say "I do" or remain a single man?
Only the result of that decision matters.

That's how the world works.
Those who can't marry and those who won't... both are regarded by others as the same thing -- you're simply not married.

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