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Genre : Drama
Cast : Yoo gun, Kim Ok-bin
Director : Ji Young-soo
Writer : Kang Eun-kyung
Premiere in Korea : 2006.1.9
Number of Episodes : 16
Runtime : 60'

Based on the original story from Daniel Keyes novel entitled “Flowers for Algernon”
Ha-ru is a bright and innocent 27-year-old man who has a mental age of 7; he suffers from mental development disorder. One day, Eun-Hye, the women who has the scent of his lost mother, walks into his life. To win her heart, he decides to undergo a high-risk surgery conducted by psychosurgeon Dong-jae. After the success of the surgery, unexpected events start to occur around Haru….........

Yoo Keon
A mentally challenged 27-year-old with an IQ of 65 points and emotional age of a 7-year-old. He loves to be praised by others, but nothing can console him once he gets upset. Though passionate about things he likes, he never does what he dislikes. His contagious laughter has the power to make everyone around happy.
Kim Ok bin
Her wits and a healthy body inherited from her destitute parents is all she has. She prefers to laugh at hardships and strives to look even more confident and undaunted when feeling down and shattered.
Lee Jong Huk
While looking for a hospital that would back his brain research, Dong-jae meets the director of Sky Hospital who pledges his support. At the same hospital, he also meets Haru, whose age, physical characteristics and background make him an ideal object of clinical tests.
Kang Shi-ill
Brusque and quiet, Pil-koo has an uncanny charisma and can easily subjugate any ex-criminal. In the past, he was a famous psychosurgeon.

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