Friday, June 26, 2009

Everybody Cha Cha Cha a.k.a Jolly Widows

Park Hae Mi, Shim Hye Jin
Oh Man Suk, Lee Chung Ah, Park Han Byul, and Jo Ahn will lead the daily drama “Everybody, Cha Cha Cha” scheduled to be aired by KBS1 on june 29, following the final episode of “The Road Home”.

Lee Chung Ah, Oh Man Suk
This pleasant family-oriented drama portrays the complicated relationships and laughter among family members in a variety of ages, which TV viewers could enjoy watching. The representative of the production team states, “This drama is about mothers’ patience and sacrifice to preserve the family values.”
Senior actresses Shim Hye Jin and Park Hae Mi play two widows Ha Yoon Jung and Oh Dong Ja living in the same house. They each became a widow at the same time of the same day. Dong Ja has one son Han Jin Woo played by Oh Man Suk and one daughter Han Jin Kyung played by Park Han Byul. Han Jin Woo is the only man graduated from a prestigious university in the family. Actress Jo Ahn plays the role Kang Na Yoon who develops love relationship with Han Jin Woo.
Lee Joong Moon plays Jin Kyung’s boyfriend Lee Han who is innocent, cheerful, and bright. Lee Chung Ah plays Yoon Jung’s only child Han Soo Hyun who is the same-age cousin of Han Jin Kyung. Supporting cast includes actor Lee Jong Soo, Lee Jong Won, Kim Byung Man, Choi Joo Bong as well as actress Kyun Mi Ri and Kim Bo Mi.

Lee Joong Moon

Kim Byung Man


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