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Iris The Most Anticipated KBS Upcoming Drama



  • TV Show: Iris
  • Revised Romanization: Airiseu
  • Hangul: 아이리스
  • Director: Yun-ho YangKyu-tae Kim
  • Writer:
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: September 2009
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Hyeon-jun Kim (Byung-hun Lee) is an assassin who belongs to a top secret organization known as the "NSS" whereas T.O.P (Seung-hyeon Choi) is an assassin who works in another secret organization located in the United States called "IRIS" and was ordered to kill Kim Hyun Joon. Seung-hee Choi (Tae-hee Kim) is a psychological analyst who plays an important role in bringing Hyeon-jun Kim to the "NSS."


  1. "Iris" has a reported budget of $22, making it the most expensive Korean drama to date (10/2008).
  2. The series is based on a high-tech spy drama and will be filmed in various locations including Russia, Japan, US, and China.
  3. Actor Byung-hun Lee will make his first starring tv drama appearance since the 2003 SBS series "All In".
  4. Actress Tae-hee Kim will make her first starring tv drama appearance sine the 2004 SBS series "Love Story in Harvard".
  5. Filming begins in March, 2009 starting in Akita Prefecture, Japan.
  6. Related titles:
    1. Iris: The Movie (2009)


IRIS is said to be the best anticipating drama of year 2009 with its famous cast.

Lee Byung Hun acts as Hyun Joon who is works for NSS investigating a great national conspiracy. Kim Tae Hee acts as SeungHee who also work for the NSS. Whie Kim So Yeon acts as Kim Seon Hwa who works as both a staff at NSS and also a operation agent in the drama.

Also Kim Seung Woo acts as a North Korea escort team leader while TOP plays a cruel killer in the show.

The show is set to be 20 billion KRW in the making, and its cast will bring the viewers through action and romance scenes with the backdrop of Asia and European countries.

The drama is set to air in the latter half of the year in September.

Translation on interview with TOP:

TOP talks about the difficulty in acting for this drama.

He said during the press conference, The truth is that I had a lot of pressure doing this drama. At first, it was a lot of pressure on me, but then now it is more like a great sense of responsibility. I take the role in the drama very seriously and I also learnt a lot from the senir actors. It is great that I can show a different side of me through this drama.

This is the first adult role taken up by TOP since his drama on KBS I am Sam. He said, “I act as a teenager in the drama ‘I am Sam’ in 2007 but with this drama I’m acting as a killer. I did preparations myself and also learnt along the way from the seniors around. I’m very excited about being able to show a new image of myself to the Korean and Japanese fans.

“Of course there are difficulties to this role too. From what I see, the character is very different from myself in actual. Hence it is tough acting as a cruel killer.”

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